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Through our privacy policy, we ensure the proper conditions of usage of this website created this “Privacy Policy” page in order to show our commitment to it’s users privacy. The following information discloses our information collection and dissemination policies for this website. collects IP addresses and browser types, but we don’t use the IP addresses for any kind of personal goals. This means that an user’s session can be tracked but will remain anonymous.

We aren’t interested in anyone individually or what they are viewing in a certain moment on our website, but on the global user’s point of view, in order to know what has more or less interest amongst our content.

We use that information so that in the future we can increase the quality of our least popular pages and add more content to our most popular ones.

This website contains links to other websites. isn’t responsible for their privacy policies or contents.


Any visitor can sign our newsletter and receive every new content via e-mail, through the external service provided by the Mailpoet platform. This can be cancelled at any time.


This website uses “cookies”, which are small data files that are created on your computer, allowing the website’s technology to know information about your current status regarding the website.

If you wish, you can configure your browser in order for it not to take cookies for this website, without it harming your access to our content. We don’t take responsibility for any malfunction of the website that might be cause by deactivating these “cookies”.

Third Parties

In order to cope with the maintenance costs and to keep this project up and running, we will use third party ads on our website.

By establishing, through this website, connection with other websites, whether it is by clicking a “link” or “banner”, doesn’t take responsibility for their privacy and safety policy, as well as form, content or actions of those websites.

Responsibility Conduct

Every information that is demanded from you should not be false. This way, it ensures the authenticity of every submitted information on any of our forms, as a way to complement the access to our contents or restricted areas.

Acceptance and binding

Every user of our website’s services is bound to the acceptance and respect of the conditions expressed here.

With the entry into force of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25th 2018 Insidebet hereby also updates its privacy policy, in the light of this new regulation.

All of our policy is accordingly to the new directives established by the European Union when it comes to storing, sharing and updating the personal data of the users of our portal – Insidebet.

Some of the main changes are about the following aspects that I will highlight now:

The users can change the information and data the companies can store about them and any data gathering should only be made to perfect the functioning of the service, and that collection should be explicit.

Information and data from minors have special protection. Every user maintains the “right to be forgotten”.

Every policy of data protection has to be explained in a comprehensible and accessible language.

The users’ data inside the European Union can only be used on a different part of the world in case there is a corresponding privacy policy.

The most important fact is about the change of treatment in the case of “hacked” data, that now force the companies to warn the users about the leak during a time period of up to 72 hours.

The wrongdoers of these new rules are subject to heavy fines.

For more details about the new regulation, you just need to check the official statement of the General Data Protection Regulation.

For any additional information regarding our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of this website, contact us.