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Betting Guides

Here you will find articles and tutorials with tips and betting guides to learn how to beat and improve your quality as bettor. We try to reach every level of knowledge, from starters, to average to advanced, with directed content and adequate for each development stage.


Many believe that betting requires no preparation, studies or training. That is misleading. Sports betting demand training and development as any other activity. Even if your objective is not becoming a Professional Bettor, but you bet just for fun, you need to have some basic knowledge. Without it, bettors are at risk of only losing money and that will never be fun.

Following a logical sequence here, we discuss every step of how to start in the world of sports betting, how to deposit and how to withdraw. Information about e-wallets and even more advanced tips such as bankroll management methods in sports betting guides.

It seems simple to analyse a football match and make your bet, but the logic of enjoying and being a football fun is different from developing a method of how to bet on football.

What we should take into consideration to decide if a bet is worth it or not? Why should we make a bet or not? How should you manage your bankroll in sports betting? How to manage your funds within the e-wallets? How do betting bonuses work? Is it worth it to explore bonuses in the bookmakers? Explore our bookmakers review. How to choose the best sports betting’ websites on the internet?


Utilizing betting guides are an essential portion of the Betting Tips and Tutorials section. Here, the content is more advanced and counts with excellent contributions from the experienced experts of the New Betting Tips. Let’s discuss the more modern theories that are present in sports betting, once again, to help the bettor and New Betting Tips’ reader to inform himself better and gain more money with that. Our objective is bringing to the English language a modern content in the scope of the international scenario.


Sometimes our experts have strong opinions about the reality of sports betting around the world. But they aren’t always complimentary. We are independent in order to analyse in a serious fashion every content that is produced these days. On the betting Guides articles section, you can find everything that the members of the New Betting Tips think about anything. And in the comments, you may agree with them or not.


Trading on Betfair is a kind of betting that’s becoming increasingly more popular. In this segment, you will find articles about football trading, trading calculator, tennis trading.

Trading on Betfair

Basically, the collection secrets of trading that discusses emotional control in trading, bankroll management, profitable trading strategies.

Basically, everything that an interested person needs to become a successful trader.

I was always keeping up to dat to see myself developing even more as a bettor

Basically, on this how to bet section, you will find all of that. Always with new articles every week, discussing the most essential aspect for every bettor. To obtain profit in sports betting, you also need preparation!