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Which bettors do not like bonus and promos?


We believe all of them do. In fact, many chose a bookmaker to register on because of the bonus it offers. Therefore, New Betting

Tips brings you an exclusive section with the main news when it comes to these two important aspects of online betting: bonuses and promotions. The welcome bonuses of the bookmakers are amongst the most important requirements for bettors for several reasons.

Firstly, for those who do not want to put a lot of money from their pocket straight into the bookmaker, bonuses act as an opportunity for a test period to analyse the pros and cons of the bookmakers before a higher deposit.

But the most important aspect is the fact that we win free money from the bookmakers themselves and we can profit off of that. To receive a good percentage of our deposit in a complete free way to bet with gives us the opportunity of profiting from money that wasn’t even actually ours.

It’s a great chance of increasing our bankroll without spending our own money.


The bookmakers are always offering promotions for the main matches of football all around the world and from the main leagues such as Liga NOS, Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, Europa League and the Bundesliga. You can find promotions of several types such as freebets or special odds a lot of times directed towards great derbies or encounter of every sporting event worldwide.

The most interesting aspect is that besides the welcome bonus for new bettors, the online bookmakers also offer bonuses for existing customers too with exclusive promotions and sometimes even free money offers.

Some bookmakers offer no deposit bonuses. You can also take advantage of generous promotions for the main online casinos offered on the bookmakers in order to enjoy yourself with the most modern games developed for these platforms.

An important thing to note is that bettors should always keep an eye out on the rollover conditions of each bookmaker for the bonus received so that he doesn’t risk losing the amount received on promotions. Questions such as deadline, minimum odds, deposit value and markets that can be utilized for the rollover should be taken into consideration.

Always keep an eye out for the main promotions on this section to take advantage of every free money promotion and bonus there is for the best online bookmakers in the world!


Where can I find the best promotions?

You can find the best offers on two spots. First, obviously, the bookmakers that share their promotions on their websites and social media. Second, on the content websites such as Winning Bets Canada. On this case, there is an advantage because sometimes the websites offer exclusive promotions not found directly on the bookmakers.

What is the best betting promotion?

Each of them serves a purpose. For example, the no-deposit bonus you receive just for signing up to the bookmaker, with no catch. As for the welcome bonus, it’s good for increasing your bankroll. Cashbacks allow you to recover losses. Basically, each one of them has an objective, so there is not best or worst.

What kinds of bonuses are there on bookmakers?

The are no deposit bonuses, where you do not need to deposit anything to receive them. The welcome bonuses offer a percentage of your deposit amount as bonus. Freebets are risk-free bets that are offered for free and can be of several amounts. Cashback you get a percentage of the value you’ve wagered back. Promotions for new clients and existing ones.

Should I take advantage of the promotions?

Yes, definitely. The free money promotions are a great way of: Firstly, increasing your bankroll receiving the money offered by the bookmakers. Secondly, betting without risk with freebets and no-deposit bonuses. It’s always worth it to take advantage of the promotions offered.

Why do bookmakers offer promotions?

Considering all the competition, the bookmakers stand out for offering the best promotions to their clients. Bookmakers that offer the best and most attractive promotions are better rated than the ones who don’t offer good promotions. The objective is attracting the customer and it is up to him to decide if it’s worth it or not.